What’s the best Pull Up Bar for you?

Iron King Pull Bar

Pull Up Bars are an essential piece of workout equipment. A Pull Up Bar supports exercises that work your shoulders, back and arms as well as improving your stamina and flexibility. With each bar variation you can focus on different underworked muscle groups and strengthen your core.

Iron King’s Pull Up Bars are easily fitted and fully welded to provide strength, stability and prevent any rotation. We designed and manufactured the equipment to be heavy duty, reliable and consistent. All you need to do is pick which of our bars best suit your fitness goals.

Iron King Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

This classically designed Pull Up Bar has three different lengths, 1.1m, 1.4m and 1.7m with a diameter of 34cm and depth of 50cm. Its simplicity and compactness allows for easy installation in home gyms or commercial gyms and is well suited where space is at a premium. 

With a standard bar you can enjoy performing muscles up or chest to bar pull ups without any impediments.

Iron King Crown Gym Pull-Up Bar

The Crown measures 1.0m in length and can be used to train wide and narrow grips, as well as pronated, supinated, and neutral grip styles all in one bar.

The outside neutral grips are 50mm in diameter to work grip strength, while the rest of the bars are the standard 30mm diameter. There’s also two pairs of 50mm and 70mm pull-up spheres for even more grip training.

Iron King Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar

The Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar is a great piece of equipment for exercise variation. The wide-neutral grip is perfect for pull-ups targeting the mobility and strength of the upper back and Serratus Anterior region.

The narrow-neutral grip can simulate the false-grip muscle up position that can always use work. Dead Hang and Gymnastic Kipping pull ups can be easily performed using a traditional grip. With a Multi Grip Bar, you can change your hand position without changing your equipment.

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