What’s the best Iron King weight bench for you?

Iron King Weight Benches

Weight benches provide safe support through a range of strength training exercises. The best weight bench for you will support your movements, the muscle groups you’re focusing on and the weights you’re working with.

Every Iron King weight bench is designed and manufactured in our Birmingham factory using the highest quality steel, wipe clean pads and finished with an antibacterial vinyl covering. Fixed with wheels for portability, they are perfect for home gyms and commercial facilities. All you need to do is pick which of our benches best suit your fitness goals.

Iron King Flat Bench

The Iron King Flat Bench measures 1.2m in length with a pad thickness of 50mm. It is a simple, reliable choice for dumbbell based training and barbell workouts. 

The Flat Bench can play double-duty, supporting a range of cardio movements like step ups, box jumps and tricep dips. It’s a versatile piece of kit.

Iron King Competition Bench

The Iron King Competition Bench is designed to stand up to the hardest of workouts with a fully welded 60mm x 60mm x 3mm steel frame. This bench is tough. It will hold up over a long period of time, can capably handle any abuse and is safe from folding under heavy pressure. 

Iron King Competition Bench “The Big ‘Un”

Kit that has earned its nickname, “The Bug ‘Un” is double the thickness of our competition bench at 10cm and 5cm wider in dimension. You can feel completely secure no matter what you’re lifting knowing you have total support from our most heavy duty weight bench. 

Iron King Incline/Decline Adjustable Bench

The Iron King Incline/Decline Adjustable Bench is the most versatile weight bench. It offers 15 positions from -15 degrees to 90 degrees. Combined with the durability and stability of every Iron King weight bench, it’s the perfect piece of equipment for you to target and challenge a range of different muscles while ensuring your form is at its best.

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