What is a PT Pod?

An Iron King PT Pod fitted with Iron King bars, Iron King Kettlebells and Iron King Storage racks.

A PT Pod is a multifunctional piece of kit that transforms a standard Squat Rack into a station equipped to serve small group training sessions. At Iron King, we’ve designed and manufactured two PT Pods suitable for home gyms, commercial gyms and small training facilities. Take a look and find out which PT Pod best fits you or your workout group’s fitness needs.

HR-70 PT Pod

The HR-70 PT Pod is a design built from the Iron King HR-70 Half Squat Rack. The Pod features four uprights. The two uprights fitted at the front of the Pod support your workout, while the uprights at the back of the Pod have been fitted with a dumbbell shelf, flat shelf and ball shelf with an additional 4 pairs of plate storage arms. 

The Pod can be further accessorised with any Iron King rack or rig add-on, including various Pull Up Bars, Landmines, Bull Horn dip station or Suspension trainer. It is the perfect kit for group workout sessions or CrossFit training.

SR-70 PT Pod

The SR-70 PT Pod was designed and manufactured from our SR-70 Full Squat Rack. The Pod features six uprights with four supporting you while you lift or press, while the two rights at the back of the Pod are fixed with shelves for storage. 

Like the HR-70 PT Pod, the Iron King SR-70 PT Pod can be customised with a Crown, Hex or Standard Pull Up Bar options, J-Hooks, Rig Mounted Landmine or a Bullhorn Dip Station. The additional uprights support a higher range of weights and also allow for two add-ons to be fixed to either side of the Pod so two athletes can use the Pod at one time. The SR-70 PT Pod is the perfect match for small group sessions and CrossFit training that are high in intensity and serious about how much they are lifting.

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