Want to lose weight? Find a gym pal!

Gym Buddies

Think you’re too fat? Find a friend who’s into fitness.

Dutch scientists released a study showing that having a “fitness buddy” has such a positive impact of health that more than 90 percent of people who start an exercise program continue to work out after a year, the Sunday Times of London reported.

Researcher David van Bodegom said the people studied were members of fitness groups where the average age was 65-plus.

One of the clubs was in the town of Ulft, where 69 people began meeting in 2010 to exercise for an hour in the morning. The average attendance was five sessions every two weeks.

Their six volunteer “buddy coaches’’ were from the same background as the group, and understood their circumstances, goals and limitations, which van Bodemgom said was crucial.
Fitness levels rose sharply.

It’s not only senior citizens who benefit from exercising with their pals. The study, published in the journal, “Translational Behavioral Medicine,’’ said people of all ages would benefit from working out with their buddies.

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