Wall Ball vs Slam Ball

Iron King Strength training Slam Ball

Wall or Slam Ball training is ideal for individuals of all fitness levels and is a great way to engage every part of the body whilst working out. With slight differences between the Iron King Slam Ball and Wall Ball, we thought it would best benefit our athletes to hold them both under the microscope, so you can find out which is right for your home or commercial gym.

Iron King Gym manufactures tactile soft vinyl wall balls in a range of weights, starting from 3kg wall balls up to 15kg wall balls and slam balls to suit any training ability. Our slam balls and wall balls are ideal for home gym or commercial gym use.

3kg-15kg Slam Balls

The Iron King Slam Ball is made with a tactile soft vinyl and is available in different weights which can be used in a variety of exercises to tone, define and build muscles. The Slam Ball is smaller and thicker than the Wall Ball meaning it can be thrown with no bounce back.

Iron King Slam Balls are suitable for every fitness level and are ideal for use with exercises such as wall sits, overhead throws, shoulder press, weighted squats, planks and lunges. They’re a versatile workout tool, perfect for getting in a full body workout.

3kg-15kg Wall Balls

The Iron King Wall Ball is made from soft vinyl with a padded outer layer and is available in lighter 3kg -10kg sizes or the heavier 12kg to 15kg sizes – perfect for high intensity training. The Wall Ball is only to be thrown at a wall during throwing exercises and allows you to work every muscle group with the main focus being your core, abdominals and upper body.

Using an Iron King Wall Ball to exercise allows for a head-to-toe workout, improving all round fitness, strength and burning calories.

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