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What better way to celebrate the 3 day weekend than with the newest workout we’ve put together, and it’s one of our biggest workouts yet! This workout is perfect to perform at home in your own space or in the Gym. As its a 3 day weekend this means 3 sets of everything! Bench Press – 3 sets // 12 reps Barbell Back Squat – 3 sets // 12 reps Pull-ups – 3 sets // 20 reps Standing overhead press – 3 sets // 12 reps Drag Curls – 3 sets // 15 reps Face Pulls – 3 sets // 20 reps Finish off with 7 minutes of Burpees followed by 30 press ups! Set weights to your own ability – but make sure you are pushing yourself! Stay tuned to enjoy more of our workouts and top training tips, keep an eye on our blogs page and subscribe to our mailing list!

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