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What’s the best Iron King weight bench for you?

Weight benches provide safe support through a range of strength training exercises. The best weight [...]

What is a PT Pod?

A PT Pod is a multifunctional piece of kit that transforms a standard Squat Rack [...]

Get to know the Iron King 70 Series

Following the Iron King 60 series, we introduced the Iron King 70 series. The 70 [...]

Wall Ball vs Slam Ball

Wall or Slam Ball training is ideal for individuals of all fitness levels and is [...]

A Closer Look at Iron King’s Squat Stands…

When you are looking for equipment to support your workout routine, a number of options [...]

Iron King Half Racks vs Full Racks

When you know what equipment is most beneficial to your fitness goals, you’re already on [...]

Iron King’s Best Bars Guide

Like all Iron King products, every one of our bars embody performance with precision engineering, [...]

Get to know the Iron King Kettlebell Range

The Iron King Kettlebell range suits a variation of training abilities. Starting at 4kg and [...]

What’s the best Pull Up Bar for you?

Pull Up Bars are an essential piece of workout equipment. A Pull Up Bar supports [...]

Iron King Versus: WM-70 Squat Rack vs SR-70 Squat Rack

At Iron King, we ensure our high-quality equipment always works as hard as you. But [...]

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