Keeping to your fitness resolutions in 2022!

Iron King gym user exercises using Iron King Bar and Iron King kettlebell

We’re heading towards the end of January, so your motivation to keep up with your fitness goals may have slipped away. But it’s definitely not too late to get back on track!

Here are Iron King’s top tips on how to make your resolutions into reality:

Try new workouts

Keeping your workout routine fresh will certainly add some excitement! You can check out some of our favourite exercises on our website, from resistance band workouts to HIIT, or you can find a fitness Youtuber or Instagrammer who can guide you through some new techniques.

There are also paid apps that can get you started, with big names like Les Mills and Peloton giving you the results from home. 

Find a routine

It’s easy to say “maybe tomorrow…” when you don’t have a fixed routine, so ensuring you’re doing something at a certain time of day motivates you to not put it off! Whether it’s a 15 minute blast at lunchtime, or a power hour before your favourite TV show comes on, this is definitely an easy motivation method. 

Get a workout buddy

Whether you partner up with someone you’ve met at the gym, or get your best friend to teach you their fitness tips, it’s so much easier when you have someone else to inspire you to reach your goals. You could even curate a joint playlist that’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping!

Stick to a healthy diet

Between work and other busy parts of our lives, it’s tempting not to put the time into making fresh, healthy food. However, you may not have the energy to exercise once you’ve indulged in an unhealthy meal, so a consistent diet goes hand in hand with working out. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever treat yourself though – why not try our protein cinnamon rolls?

Make time for downtime

We love the rush of an intense workout, but don’t let that lead to burnout. Yoga is a great way to relax whilst also increasing muscle strength and tone, and improving respiration and energy! Ensure you have a good night’s sleep as well, so you’re ready to rise to the resolutions.

Invest in good equipment

We know a lot of you are opting for home workouts, especially during the work from home era, so bringing the gym to your house can motivate you to make that extra effort. Our high quality gym equipment ranges from smaller items like kettlebells and resistance bands, to bigger items to furnish a whole home gym, like rigs and racks. You can view the full range on our website. 

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