Iron King’s Best Bars Guide

Iron King gym user exercises using Iron King Bar and Iron King kettlebell

Like all Iron King products, every one of our bars embody performance with precision engineering, high spec offering and workhorse lifespan. The right Barbell or Hex Bar is one that suits your workout routine, whether it’s weightlifting, powerlifting or CrossFit. 

We’re here to take you through our best bars with all the details you need to decide which bar is best for you.

Iron King Axle Bar

The Iron King Axle Bar has an approximate weight of 8kg and measures 2 metres in length, with 35cm of loadable sleeve length and 1.4m between collars. It offers athletes an effective change of pace for any lifting program, promoting greater wrist and grip strength. 

From presses to rows to deadlifts, the Axle Bar makes for a more challenging but ultimately more beneficial workout, emphasising the muscles in the hands in a way standard bars can’t.

Iron King BHX 7ft 20kg Olympic Bar

The BHX BAR has a weight capacity of 360kg and tensile strength of 150,000psi. Combined with a sleeve length of 415mm and total length of 2200mm, it is the perfect entry level for the garage athlete. The BHX BAR has dual knurl marking as per IPF & IWF standard and an omitted centre knurl for neck comfort.

Iron King PRO 7ft 20kg Olympic Bar

The Iron King PRO BAR measures 2.2m in total length with a sleeve diameter of 50mm and weight capacity of 680kg. The PRO BAR provides the perfect blend of performance and versatility, making it the choice of elite athletes and coaches alike. Like the BHX Bar, the PRO BAR has dual knurl marking as per IPF & IWF standard with no central knurling for neck comfort.

From snatches to the clean & jerk, the PRO BAR will help you master any Olympic weightlifting movement.

Iron King HB-1 Gym Hex Bar

The HB-1 Hex Bar is a durable hexagonal frame with two sets of handles, mainly used for deadlifts, shoulder-press and split squats, whilst helping to relieve pressure on the lower back.

The two sets of handles enable an athlete to switch handles during a workout, making the HB-1 advantageous for strengthening the lockout, overloading on shrugs, and limiting shoulder stress during bench presses. Helpful to beginners and rehabbing athletes alike, the HB-1 focuses on range of motion and assists in gradually developing a deadlift workout without putting as much pressure on the lower back.

Iron King Functional Hex Bar

The Iron King functional Hex Bar bar measures 1.8m total length with a sleeve length of 50.8mm, allowing for more exercise variations in performing Deadlifts, Squats, and Lunges. The open back design provides room to perform single leg exercise variations and loaded carries more efficiently.

With a matte black textured finish, the functional hex bar is perfect for any commercial gym, as well as being suitable for those who prefer to workout at home.

At Iron King, we manufacture all of our products in our Birmingham factory, so if you need a design tweaking in size, colour or anything else, get in touch with us. 

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