Iron King Versus: WM-70 Squat Rack vs SR-70 Squat Rack

At Iron King, we ensure our high-quality equipment always works as hard as you. But which equipment that is depends on the type of workout you want.

We decided to make the decision easier for you. 

We’re putting our best kit up against each other in an Iron King versus showdown. This week it’s the Iron King WM-70 Wall Mounted Squat Rack versus the Iron King SR-70 Squat Rack Skid Base

Both racks are essential home gym equipment and both are stacked with different strengths, but which one will reign superior?


The WM-70 has a 2.25m x 1.2m steel frame with an interior depth of either 60cm or 1m. Its maximum training weight is an impressive 400kg and the product weight itself is 55kg, so you know it’s heavy duty equipment. The rack arrives with a Pull Up Bar and J-Hooks to get you set up and ready to work in no time.

With double the amount of 2.25m uprights to make up its 2.25m x 1.2m square frame, the SR-70 has twice the product weight at 100kg and delivers a maximum training weight of 450kg. Unlike the WM-70, the Skid Base ensures the SR-70 doesn’t need to be bolted to any wall fixtures. Iron King supplies the SR-70 with a J-Cups, Band Pegs and a Pull-Up Bar. 

The uprights of both racks have 25mm Westside Spacing through the bench and clean pull zone with 50mm spacing above and below to guarantee accurate and safe lifting.


Both racks are highly customizable to your workout needs and compatible with a range of Iron King rack accessories. To keep you and your floor safe, Spotter Arms are available and especially recommended for home gym owners. 

The WM-70 and SR-70 are easily accessorised, with Jammer Arms, Landmines, Bull Horns and Crown, Multi-Grip or Hexagonal Bars offering a range of additional functions to your rack. For Storage, fix an Iron King Plate Holder to either rack and keep your weights safe and secure. 


After installing the accessories you want, the WM-70 and SR-70 can fulfil a rounded workout routine. Incorporate deadlifts, overhead press, barbell lunges, chin-ups, pull ups and hanging leg raises into a workout alongside your squats seamlessly. 

With its increased weight allowance, the SR-70 supports high intensity weight training while the WM-70 may be better suited to you if you’re focusing purely on lifting – its no frills set up, spacing and assembly let you focus on your workout.


Relevant and hugely important to both Home Gyms and Commercial Setups, the WM-70 requires space for a width of 1.2m and a depth of 60cm or 1m. The SR-70 has a 1.2m width and a fixed depth of 85cm so, if space is at a premium, the WM-70 may be for you. While the SR-70 may make a larger impression in a room, its size is justified by its immense stability and durability.

All the equipment at Iron King is manufactured in our Birmingham factory with 70mm x 70mm x 3mm steel, ensuring its stability and heavy duty feel.


It’s up to you to choose a real winner. Consider space, budget and your own fitness goals. If you need kit that is stable, compact and versatile the WM-70 might be for you. If you’re the most dedicated lifter you know with space for equipment that supports a variety of workouts and provides plenty of storage, the SR-70 could be what you need.

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