Iron King introduce the MONARCH range – STRENGTH REVOLUTION

Embracing the evolution of strength-based functional training, the Iron King Monarch Half Rack with Storage stands as a groundbreaking addition to any fitness facility. Boasting a squat bay, two 120kg weight stacks, dual pull-up stations, and integrated shelving, this half rack with storage is a compact yet robust design that serves as both a power rack and a dual cable machine, unlocking an extensive array of training possibilities right at your fingertips.

The Monarch Half Rack with Storage bridges the gap between cable-based strength training and free-weight functional exercises while providing highly efficient storage solutions. With two independent 120kg cable columns, it offers diverse training options to enrich your workout routine, encompassing dual and single cable exercises like cable crossovers, cable flys, lateral raises, pullovers, crunches, lat pull-downs, extensions, rows, and curls.

Designed with modularity in mind, your Monarch Half Rack with Storage adapts as your fitness journey progresses. Whether you opt for the Samson or Goliath configuration, each pod seamlessly integrates with a range of Iron King Rig and Rack Attachments, such as dip stations, pivot benches, and lat-pull down seats. These attachments can be mounted on either side of the rack, unlocking an abundance of training possibilities while optimizing floor space utilization and enhancing your performance.

Offering more training opportunities per square meter than any other Iron King System, Monarch embodies everything a contemporary fitness space demands. Recognizing the value of space optimization, the Monarch Half Rack with Storage epitomizes functionality. With Monarch, the future of fitness is streamlined and scalable, encompassing all your training requirements in one comprehensive solution.

Construction: The Monarch Half Rack with Storage features three 1.2m shelves as standard equipment. These innovative shelves can be adjusted to a flat or angled position, facilitating the storage of kettlebells, balls, dumbbells, or sandbags.

Each Monarch Rack utilizes an inventive high-strength adjuster design, allowing smooth and secure pulley adjustments through a carriage equipped with high-impact polymer rollers. Its custom pull-pin design ensures secure and straightforward fixing.

Crafted from start to finish at the Iron King headquarters in Belfast, every Iron King Monarch Half Rack with Storage incorporates two 120kg weight stacks operated by a pulley system using a 2:1 Pulley Ratio. The cable stack system employs high-strength chrome guide rods and high-tensile galvanized steel cables coated in a durable corrosion-resistant polymer. The carabiner end permits easy attachment of various cable machine accessories to the column.

The single handle on the cable column boasts a 160° swivel and can be swiftly adjusted across 23 or 22 different holes at 75mm intervals using a pull-pin and roller system. Weight adjustments are conveniently made from the exterior of the rack via a magnetic selector pin.

The Iron King Monarch Half Rack with Storage includes two 1.2m straight pull-up bars alongside a pair of multi-grip pull-up handles. These multi-grip handles offer three distinct grip options: narrow neutral, wide neutral, and wide, enabling targeted upper body muscle engagement and aiding in mastering the pull-up. For added safety, Weight Stack Guards can be added to enhance security.

Manufactured from laser-cut mild steel uprights, the Monarch Range represents Iron King’s pinnacle of performance, designed for those seeking a robust, locally produced product of unparalleled quality. It offers extensive customization options and comes in our standard palette of nine colors, with custom color choices available upon request. Each machine is meticulously crafted using a blend of robotic welding and skilled in-house welding expertise. Following fabrication, it undergoes our internal industrial paint process before being carefully packed and rigorously tested by our assembly team.

Key Features: * Dual 90kg weight stacks with a 2:1 pulley ratio * 160° swivel handle for versatile cable usage * Squat Bay * Multi-grip pull-up station * 75mm x 75mm mild-steel laser-cut uprights * Includes eight plate holders for weight plate storage


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