Iron King Half Racks vs Full Racks

Iron King Gym Equipment: A range of Iron King Squat Racks

When you know what equipment is most beneficial to your fitness goals, you’re already on your way to achieving them. To help you, we’re taking a closer look at the half-racks and full racks in our 70 series, breaking down how they’re made and how they best serve you.

Half Racks

A standard Half Rack consists of a solid base, two uprights and top bar. Economic in price and space, athletes often enjoy the freedom when lifting a half rack provides. With only two uprights, there is space for lifts that need additional space in front of the rack like split jerks or overhead squats.

HR-70 Half Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

The Iron King HR-70 Half Squat Rack is 2.25m tall and features a standard two 70mm x 70mm x 3mm uprights with an additional two uprights that offer a huge amount of storage capacity. With a Pull Up Bar, J-Hooks and a maximum training weight of 350kg, the HR-70 supports a wide variety of customisation. Add-on a Flat Bench, Landmines or Bull Horn dip attachment and enjoy a range of new workout possibilities.

The HR-70 squat rack offers superior durability and versatility. The unit is equally suited to schools, professional gyms or home gyms.

HR-70 Half Squat Rack Bolt Down

Just like the HR-70 with Pull Up Bar, the HR-70 Bolt Down has a 2.25m height and features four uprights. The additional two uprights are fitted with 4 pairs of plate storage arms for easy, space conserving storage. The Bolt Down is also supplied with a Pull Up Bar and J-Hooks, and can be fitted with any Iron King rack and rig accessory. 

The difference is in the installation as the Bolt Down is bolted to the floor. While the maximum training weight remains 350kg, bolting the Half-Rack may be preferred for any athlete who wants extra security and safety when exercising.

Full Racks

A Full Rack has a frame with four uprights, each fixed with a horizontal bar that make up the ‘cage’ style design. A Full Rack has a larger footprint than a Half-Rack and will take up more space in your home gym or commercial facility, however its size provides more stability, safety and can handle a higher range of heavier weights. Fitted with dual uprights on either side, a Full Rack can be customised to support use by two athletes at once.

Iron King SR-70 Classic Squat Rack

The SR-70 is an all-in-one power rack that is perfect for home gyms, commercial gyms or any major weight training centre. The Rack is 2.25m in height and features 25mm Westside hole spacing with laser cut numbers through the bench and clean pull zone to ensure ultimate accuracy when lifting. In addition, the SR-70 offers superior durability and versatility as well as  being the most compact member of the SR series, with a 70cm inside depth and an overall footprint of just 120cm x 85cm.

The Classic Squat Rack is fitted with J-Hooks and 2 Pull Up Bars as well as providing access for dual add-ons so that two athletes can use the Squat Rack at one time. Our SR-70 design was adapted from the model that has helped build champion powerlifters across the globe for many years. The SR-70 is an essential addition to any Gym.

Iron King SR-70 Squat Rack Skid Base

Just like the SR-70 Classic, the SR-70 Skid Base is 2.25m in height and features 25mm Westside hole spacing for extra precision in your workout. With a maximum training weight of 450kg, the equipment supports heavy duty lifting and additional add-ons for workout variety. 

The difference is the base of the Squat Rack. The Classic must be bolted to the floor while the Skid Base has been specially designed and manufactured to remain stable without needing to be bolted downs so you can enjoy all the benefits of the Classic Squat Rack with an even easier installation.

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