Iron King Delivers for UK’s First UFC Gyms


Here at Iron King, our motto is ‘equipment that works as hard as you’, and nowhere can this be more readily applied than with our recent project in Woking for the launch of UFC GYM, the first major brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization.

Iron King were excited to hear that UFC were coming to the UK when they announced the launch of their CLASS UFC GYM in Woking. Since its debut in 2009, UFC GYM has opened more than 15 locations across the US, Australia, Canada, Vietnam, Mexico, India, Taiwan and the UAE. With initial sites in Woking and Nottingham the company have ambitiously committed to opening more than 100 locations throughout the UK over the next 10 years.

CLASS UFC GYM is a new concept in Woking of boutique studio fitness that focuses on a result-based and class-centric format and offers a modern twist on traditional boxing and high-intensity interval training classes.

As the classes incorporate multiple pieces of exercise equipment, we knew they would need a robust, high-quality storage equipment that would last. The classes include both boxing and HiiT training and so use boxing gloves, dumbbells, kettle bells, speed ropes and resistance bands, all of which need to be accessed and stored effectively.

USC approached Iron King with their requirements for the Woking location to fit in with the CLASS UFC GYM concept. A unique gym concept needs a truly bespoke gym storage system, and so from their design brief and the storage options needed Iron King developed several bespoke 2D layout concepts which we were able to bring to life with our new 3D visualisation service.

3D Model of UFC GYM Storage Rack

One was approved in February and from that go-ahead was manufactured by us in-house at our UK manufacturing facility. Iron King’s wealth of design and manufacturing experience and modern manufacturing techniques and equipment mean that we were able to offer a fully end-to-end service for UFC, from initial design layout and 3D modelling through in-house manufacturing, to successful install on-site this week in Woking.

Installed Bespoke Storage Rack
The finished product

Iron King are now working on delivering the solution for the UFC flagship site in Nottingham, which will be a full-size UFC gym. Former UFC welterweight fighter Dan Hardy from Nottingham, now UFC GYM UK ambassador said “Nottingham has always been a hotbed of combat sports, and with the cultural shift towards fitness, health and lifestyle, it makes the arrival of UFC GYM so important. I’m very excited that the first home of UFC GYM in the UK will be in my hometown. I know how welcome a world-class facility like UFC GYM will be, with Nottingham making the most of this amazing resource in fitness and martial arts.”

To find out more about the UK UFC gyms visit UFC. Or visit our Gym Design page to find out more about our bespoke design and manufacturing services. Iron King – for equipment that works as hard as you.

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