Get to know the Iron King 70 Series

An Iron King Fold Up Wall Mounted Squat Rack

Following the Iron King 60 series, we introduced the Iron King 70 series. The 70 series maintains the Iron King mindset, ensuring everything we make embodies performance with precision engineering, high spec offering and a workhorse lifespan. 

The difference between the 60 and 70 series is the steel we use during manufacturing. Every piece of equipment in the 70 series has been made with 70mm x 70mm x 3mm British steel, laser cut and welded in our Birmingham factory. We always want to make equipment that works as hard as you and the 70 series fulfils that promise. 

Take a look at the 70 series below.

SR-FB 70 Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

The SR-FB70 Fold Back Wall-Mounted Rack is designed for use where space is at a premium, it is easily set up with its hinged folding system, and gives you the ability to maximise your valuable floor space.

WM-70 Wall Mounted Squat Rack

The WM-70 has a 2.25m x 1.2m steel frame with an interior depth of either 60cm or 1m. Its maximum training weight is an impressive 400kg and the product weight itself is 55kg, so you know it’s heavy duty equipment. The rack arrives with a Pull Up Bar and J-Hooks to get you set up and ready to work in no time.

SR-70 Classic Squat Rack

The SR-70 is an all-in-one power rack that is perfect for home gyms, commercial gyms or any major weight training centre. The Rack is 2.25m in height and features 25mm Westside hole spacing with laser cut numbers through the bench and clean pull zone to ensure ultimate accuracy when lifting. The SR-70 design was adapted from the model that has helped build champion powerlifters across the globe for many years.

70 Series Squat Stand

The 70 Series Squat Stand is a great addition to any home gym, or commercial gym facility. Built with the same quality and strength as all Iron King products, the Squat Stand is 1.8m in height with a footprint of 1.2m x 1.2m and max training weight of 350kg.

Supplied with a pair of Iron King J-Hooks and designed with 25mm Westside hole spacing, the 70 series Squat Stand is a no frills get the job done bit of kit, maintaining Iron King’s heavy duty manufacturing for simple, dynamic lifting.

70 Series Portable Squat Stand

The S-1.8 Portable Squat Stand is our solution to saving space in your gym or commercial facility. Like the 70 series Squat Stand, the S-1.8 measures 1.8m in height with a footprint of 60cm x 50cm and is fitted with a pair of Iron King J-Hooks. Each upright stands alone, allowing for easy storage once you’ve finished your workout. Additional wheels can also be fitted to the base for ultimate portability.

70 Series Squat Stand with Pull Up Bar

The Series 70 Squat Stand with Pull Up Bar has a max training weight of 350kg and a height of 2.25m to maximise the use of the Pull Up Bar. With two J-Hooks and 25mm Westside hole spacing, the Squat Stand ensures optimal accuracy when you lift. The unusual inclusion of the Pull Up Bar increases the Squat Stands versatility, allowing any athlete to easily transition between squats to bench, floor press to pull-ups and anything in between.

SR-70 Squat Rack Skid Base

The SR-70 Squat Rack Skid Base is an all-in-one power rack for home gyms, commercial gyms and weight training centres. The Skid Base ensures the SR-70 doesn’t need to be bolted to any wall fixtures. Iron King supplies the SR-70 with a J-Cups, Band Pegs and a Pull-Up Bar with further accessories available. Iron King Jammer Arms, Landmines, Bull Horns and Crown, Multi-Grip or Hexagonal Bars offer a range of additional functions to your rack. 

HR-70 Half Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

The Iron King HR-70 Half Squat Rack is 2.25m tall and features a standard two 70mm x 70mm x 3mm uprights with an additional two uprights that offer a huge amount of storage capacity. With a Pull Up Bar, J-Hooks and a maximum training weight of 350kg, the HR-70 supports a wide variety of customisation. Add-on a Flat Bench, Landmines or Bull Horn dip attachment and enjoy a range of new workout possibilities. The HR-70 squat rack offers superior durability and versatility. The unit is equally suited to schools, professional gyms or home gyms.

HR-70 Half Squat Rack Bolt Down

The Iron King HR-70 Bolt Down has a 2.25m height and features four uprights. The additional two uprights are fitted with 4 pairs of plate storage arms for easy, space conserving storage. The Bolt Down is also supplied with a Pull Up Bar and J-Hooks, and can be fitted with any Iron King rack and rig accessory. While the maximum training weight remains 350kg, bolting the Half-Rack may be preferred for any athlete who wants extra security and safety when exercising.

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