How could going sober for October help improve your workouts?

Sober October may provide your body with a load of mental and physical benefits. Here are just a few in which cutting out the drink can impact your fitness goals.

Body Weight Loss:

Firstly, as we know, alcohol is packed with calories. So it makes sense that when you stop drinking, you are cutting out a shed load of calories. This will then help create that calorie deficit that is a big help when shredding body fat.

Healthier eating:

After consuming alcohol, studies suggest, people are more likely to choose unhealthy food options. These calories can often be known as dead calories, meaning the body will not use them for fuel. 

When not drinking people find it a lot easier to manage their nutrition intake, this can help massively with your home workouts due to providing your body with better nutrition to support and maintain energy levels.

Energy Increase:

Drinking often can lead people to feeling drained and too tired to exercise.

This can be due to dehydration, a common effect of drinking alcohol. Dehydration can still make the body feel tired even after a good rest.

Staying hydrated makes any workout out 100 x more enjoyable. Combine this with a good intake of nutrition and your energy levels will be through the roof for that next home workout!

Muscle Growth:

Research has shown us that alcohol can have a major effect on your muscles. Alcohol consumption has been proven to decrease metabolism as well as reduce fat-burning. On top of that inflammation caused by drinking makes it a lot more difficult to build muscle. This, alongside reduced muscle protein synthesis impairs muscle growth meaning it is hard to build. Therefore by stopping the alcohol consumption will help you notice those gains from working out.

Here are just a few ways in which a reduced alcohol intake can benefit those home and gym workouts!Β 

Will you be trying out a sober October this year?

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