Bespoke Gym Equipment for The Foundry

The Foundry Gym London

Iron King were pleased to be approached by The Foundry in London to design and manufacture their bespoke gym equipment. The Foundry is a boutique community-focused hard-core gym concept that counts professional athletes and Olympians in its team and clients. Founded by former professional rugby player, Ben Gotting, of London Wasps fame and Dave Thomas, experienced personal trainer and founding trustee of Sky Sport’s School of Hard Knocks, The Foundry is described by Men’s Health and Women’s Heath as “One of the best gyms in the world,” and with a motto of #WhereTheStrongBelong and now has 3 locations in the heart of London.

The team at The Foundry aim to give everyone the chance to be trained and treated like a professional athlete, and their classes have a reputation for being amongst the toughest in London, but offered in a community-style and supportive environment. All of the trainers are employed by the company so gym visitors can rely on seeing the same faces regularly, contributing to that team training feel with both dedicated and semi-private coaching.

With such a unique and world-class approach to coaching and training, The Foundry knew that a one-size-fits-all approach to their gym equipment and storage wouldn’t be able to cut it. After investigating some of the leading brands in gym storage, The Foundry got in touch with Iron King to discuss their requirements.

Often, gyms are forced to make do with off-the-shelf equipment, having to accept limitations of size and strength that may not fit with their needs. We spoke with Ben Gotting about his decision to use Iron King and he said, “It was clear from my initial conversation with Iron King that they could deliver truly bespoke, custom, one of a kind gym equipment to match our exact requirements.”

3D Design Service

We used our 3D Design Service to show The Foundry just what we are uniquely capable of manufacturing, not just in terms of functionality, but also to fit with their brand and concept design.

3D Design of The Foundry Gym Equipment
3D Design of The Foundry Equipment
Free 3D Gym Design Service
Free 3D Design to Visualise the Equipment in the Space

Ben said, “Iron King included many little touches that we hadn’t even though of, that make our equipment truly unique and special. What they delivered not only came in our brand colours, but with the Foundry F laser cut into the lifting racks and metal wall targets, a creative touch that we appreciate and looks fantastic in each gym.”

Unique, Custom Branded Lifting Rack
Unique, Custom Branded Lifting Rack
branded gym equipment
Fully Branded Gym Equipment

Setting up a new location is a busy time for any gym management team, and with their sites at Vauxhall and Old Street now well established, the Foundry have opened their flagship location at Bank.

World Class Equipment for World Class Trainers
World Class Equipment for World Class Trainers

Ben said, “Iron King’s service was unbelievable; everything was made quickly, and hand delivered and installed by them on-site. Whatever question we pose or issue we raise, they respond; nothing is too much trouble. We appreciate their creativity and can-do attitude; whatever equipment we need, they find a way to make it for us.”

We are now in discussion with The Foundry about their latest project – a car deadlift made from a London taxi – so watch this space to find out what happens next. Or, if you’d like to get pushed to the limit by the team at the Foundry, then get booked in at, but don’t say that we didn’t warn you!

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