A Closer Look at Iron King’s Squat Stands…

Iron King Squat Stand with Iron King Weight Bar

When you are looking for equipment to support your workout routine, a number of options appear. Stands, Rigs, Racks or Half-Racks, each have different benefits and uses but not all athletes know which is best for them to use. We thought we’d take a look at our Iron King Squat Stands, so you can decide which piece of kit is right for you.

70 Series Squat Stand

The 70 Series Squat Stand is a great addition to any home gym, or commercial gym facility. Built with the same quality and strength as all Iron King products, the Squat Stand is 1.8m in height with a footprint of 1.2m x 1.2m and max training weight of 350kg.

Supplied with a pair of Iron King J-Hooks and designed with 25mm Westside hole spacing, the 70 series Squat Stand is a no frills get the job done bit of kit, maintaining Iron King’s heavy duty manufacturing for simple, dynamic lifting.

70 Series Squat Stand with Pull Up Bar

Like 70 Series Squat Stand, the Series 70 Squat Stand with Pull Up Bar has a max training weight of 350kg. The height however is increased to 2.25m in height to allow you to maximise the use of the Pull Up Bar. With two J-Hooks and 25mm Westside hole spacing, the Squat Stand ensures optimal accuracy when you lift.

The major difference is the Pull Up Bar, which is fitted across both uprights. The additional pull up bar increases the Squat Stands versatility, allowing any athlete to easily transition between squats to bench, floor press to pull-ups and anything in between.

70 Series S-1.8 Portable Squat Stand

The S-1.8 Portable Squat Stand is our solution to saving space in your gym or commercial facility. Like the 70 series Squat Stand, the S-1.8 measures 1.8m in height with a footprint of 60cm x 50cm and is fitted with a pair of Iron King J-Hooks. 

Each upright stands alone, allowing for easy storage once you’ve finished your workout. Additional wheels can also be fitted to the base for ultimate portability.

Iron King Yoke – Strongman Squat Stand

The Iron King Yoke is a specialist multi-purpose piece of equipment. It can be used as a traditional Strongman squat or press stand or a Yoke or Push/Drag Sled.

The Yoke’s fully adjustable crossbar enables a wide range of workout possibilities, from a basic yoke carry to the Zercher carry, Zercher squat, and with its skid base there are numerous sled training exercises. The Yoke also comes with a pair of Iron King J-Hooks so it can be used for squats, bench or pressing movements, making it a genuine all-in-one option for a garage gym or commercial facility.

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