5 Essential At Home Weight Bench Exercises

Iron King athletes exercise using an Iron King Flat Bench and Iron King Barbell

Weight Benches provide support for a range of exercises, allowing you to move freely and comfortably while targeting the specific muscle groups you want to build. A weight bench is more versatile than resistance equipment, letting you customise your workout depending on what you want to improve. Adding a weight bench to your home gym assures that with just one piece of kit, you can master a full body workout. 

Here are 5 Essential At Home Weight Bench Exercises we recommend trying:

1. Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Bench Presses can be achieved with either a Flat or Adjustable Weight Bench. They’re great for targeting the upper body, chest and arms, helping to build strength and overall body mass. 

Lie flat on the bench with your dumbbells in each hand and to the sides of your shoulder. For ease, you can choose a neutral grip or, for a challenge, face your palms toward your feet.

Perform the press by extending your elbows until your arms are straight, past your chest. Bring the weights back down slowly. Make the most of the movement the weight bench and dumbbells allow by taking your weights past your shoulders or bringing them close when your arms are extended. Just make sure not to let them touch.

With an Adjustable Bench, you can also achieve the Incline or Decline Dumbbell Bench Press. For an Incline Press, set your bench to 30-45º and make sure your feet are flat to the floor and your back is flat to the bench. For a Decline Press, set the bench to 45º once again but position yourself sitting at the top of the slope.

2. Incline Bicep Curl

Performing bicep curls on an incline works your biceps more intensely. The exercise works the long head of the bicep allowing you to achieve bigger, stronger arms. 

Set your bench to between 45 – 60º and hold each dumbbell down at arms length. Make sure your palms are facing forward. 

Curl the dumbbell while keeping your upper arms still – only the forearm should be in motion. Curl until the dumbbell is at your shoulder and hold it in the contracted position for one second. Slowly bring the dumbbell back to your starting position.

3. Reverse Flyes

Reverse Flyes workout the back, targeting the muscles in the upper back and shoulders. 

Set your Incline Bench to 45º with your seat at 90º. Lie chest-first on the bench and press your toes into the floor for support. Have a dumbbell in each hand and make sure your arms are down in-line with your shoulders. Raise your arms up and out, squeezing your shoulder blades when they reach the top. Slowly lower your arms down again.

4. Skull Crushers

Skull Crushers can be performed with a Flat Weight Bench or an Adjustable Bench. They target the triceps, providing more intensity than a tricep extension. You can perform skull crushers with a pair of dumbbells or a barbell depending on your preference.

Lie flat on your bench, holding your dumbbells and extending your arms upward toward the ceiling. Your dumbbells should be above your chest. Your palms should be facing your feet or, for ease, facing toward each other. 

Bend your elbows, making sure your shoulders are stable and bring your weights down toward your forehead. Hold this position for 1 second, then push your dumbbells back to your starting position.

To perform this exercise with a barbell, begin sitting upright with your barbell on your lap. Hold the barbell with your hands positioned at shoulder’s width, palms down and with straight wrists. Lie flat on your back and bring the barbell over your collarbone. Bend your elbows, keeping your shoulders stable and bring the barbell past your head. Lower the weight with your elbows pointed straight ahead. Hold the position for one second, then straighten your elbows, bringing the weight back over your head.

5. Concentration Curls

Concentration Curls create more tension in the bicep, strengthening the muscle more than the standard bicep curl. You can use a Flat Bench or Adjustable Bench for the exercise.

Sit on the side of your weight bench and angle your feet wide enough that your thighs are 45º to your body. Lower and press your right or left arm into the inside of your right or left leg, locking it in place. With your dumbbell in hand, curl your arm up then slowly lower it back down. 

Adding a weight bench to your home gym provides a range of exercises that can take your strength and fitness to the next level. Take a look at the products mentioned here to get started:

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